Pre-order your own Candela

We are very thankful for the very positive response we have gotten so far on Candela. Despite very limited marketing, the interest in Candela has been massive, in the form of press coverage, awards and funding. Most reassuring is, however, that we have so far received an overwhelming amount of pre-orders. We now get more than 15 pre-orders per month from Seattle to Shanghai. So there seems to be some serious interest in this first electrical boat with a speed and range on par with fossil burning boats.

We have limited production capacity during the first year and therefore have to manage the demand. If you are seriously interested in getting one of the first Candelas, please fill out the below pre-order from. A proper sales agreement will then be established when we have defined the sales price and cleared the precise delivery date of the first production batch. The plan is however to deliver the first batch during 2018.  

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