The team

The team

The Workforce

Gustav Hasselskog

Gustav Hasselskog - CEO & Founder

Gustav has a passion for engineering, design and boating. After studies in science and business and 18 years in various management positions at start-ups and big corporations, he founded Candela in 2014.

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Gustav Storck - Electrical Engineering

After an engineering degree from KTH, Stockholm, Gustav learned all about how to build redundant, safe and robust electronics at Saab. Here he was designing missile defense systems for the Swedish jet fighter JAS 39 Gripen.

Karl Fägersten - COO

With an academic background i Mechanical engineering, Karl has spent 20 years in the SW industry as a programmer, sales executive and CEO.

Olivier Philippot - Materials engineering

After an Engineering degree from Ècole Central de Nantes Olivier has gathered 25 years of experience from structural analysis and composite material design. No matter if it is a boat, military helicopter or a violin, Olivier makes sure it is strong and light.

Bo Zolland - Design

Bo is one of the world’s leading boat designers, with more than 30 years experience from car and boat design with numerous international awards. Recent assignments include race cars for Daimler Chrysler and a completely new boat line for the iconic Glastron brand. Check out other fantastic designs by Bo here.

Kristian Sloth Lauszus - Foil Control

With a theoretical backing from the Technical  University of Denmark and a strong passion for robotics, Kristian is a front runner in the development of drones and quadcopters. He is one of the very rear talents that can jump between binary code, to complex linear algebra and into the windings of a CPU.  


Bertil Hagqvist - Mechanical Engineering

After a masters degree in Science from Luleå, Sweden, Bertil has spend more than 6 years at Scania designing gears. At Candela he makes the transmission über-efficient and the hydraulics super-fast.



The Board of Directors

Hans Ahlinder - Chairman

After holding senior executive positions in companies such as Volvo, Gambro and Ericsson, Hans founded IBX in 1999 and made it a dominant player in B2B eCommerce. Today, Hans leads a company pushing the limits in sailboat technology.

Aldus von der Burg

Aldus studies Automotive Engineering at Kingston University, UK. At the same time, he is leading the school's successful Formula student team, providing him with valuable insights in electric vehicles.

Christer von der Burg

Christer is one of Europe's most respected scholars in Sinology. With his interest in Chinese culture, he has developed the world's leading book store and trading company for antique Chinese books.