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About Candela

Candela was founded in 2014 by Gustav Hasselskog when he decided that operating a boat is too expensive and destructive to the environment. After 5 years of development, Candela created the world’s first electric boat that can compete with fossil fueled boats when it comes to speed and range. All of this is made possible by reducing the energy consumption by ~75% due to the application of hydrofoils. The application of hydrofoils drastically reduces the energy consumption enabling the electrification of boating, while still maintaining all the characteristics that make boating fun! Now it is time to release the hydrofoil technology worldwide to make boating more environmentally friendly and comfortable worldwide!

Invest in Candela

Candela is currently backed by private investors. In 2019 we started serial production and introduced our product to the market. After having established Candela on the Swedish market our next journey is to expand globally, starting with southern Europe and the United States. To realize this ambitious plan and lead the electric hydrofoil market we are looking for additional funding to scale up our production and to further establish the brand.

For private individuals

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