The Candela Seven

The world's first hydrofoiling
electric production boat

A boat unlike any other

Nautical Miles of range at 20 knots
% Electric
Knots Top Speed
How it's built

Made in Sweden 🇸🇪

With experience from fighter jet and airplane design, we have made the Candela Seven extremely light, while still highly impact resistant. The hull, deck & deck parts are carefully crafted from 100% carbon fiber. 

We make a large percentage of the components in our own factory in the Stockholm archipelago where we also assemble and perform final testing. 

Fully retractable foils

Fully retractable foils

Fully retractable foils

Trailer mode

Foiling mode


Perfect for water skiing

The Candela Seven leaves no wake, which makes it perfect for waterskiing and other watersports.


By hydrofoiling, the Candela Seven skips waves that other boats inevitably will slam against.

reduce local emissions by 99%

Hydrofoils together with electric propulsion is a dream come true. Enjoy 99% reduced local emissions when charging with an average EU electricity mix.


By using a clean and efficient electric motor and flying above the surface, the Candela Seven runs significantly quieter than comparable boats. Save your voice and talk easily with your passengers at high speeds.

95% cheaper to run

100% electric, the Candela Seven can be recharged at your dock over night and consumes less than 10 eurocents per nautical mile in electricity.



CapacityDriver + 5 passengers
Length7.7 m
Width2.4 m
Weight1300 kg
Draft0.7 m in shallow water mode
1 m when foiling
1.5 m with foils extended

Speed & Range

Max speed 30 kn
Most efficient speed 19-23 kn
Minimum foiling speed 17 kn
Range >50 NM in 22 kn + 8 NM limp home in 3 kn



Navigation & Driving


Frequently Asked Questions

For 2020 deliveries, we are nearly sold out. Contact us ASAP to inquire more.
For 2021 deliveries, reach out for more information on available production slots.

As of August 2020, we have delivered 16 boats to customers in Sweden, Finland, Austria, the US and the British Virgin Islands.

Charging a Candela is much faster than other boats, when taking into account nautical miles per hour spent charging. This is due to the massive efficiency of foiling.

If you have access to a 22 kW charger, the charge time drops to 1.5 hours for a full charge. 

On a regular blue CEE outlet, 1-phase 16A, the charge time is roughly 12 hours.

If you are used to it, landing unexpectedly is quite undramatic. This can happen if you foil at the lowest speed limit, or if you attempt to cross a wake or seastate that is beyond the capabilities of the boat, which is approximately 1 meter of wave height.

Water is fairly forgiving when landing unexpectedly at the speed at which the Candela Seven can operate, although you might get a bit wet.

Absolutely! You can tow waterskiers, wakeboarders and other water toys effortlessly and without consuming a single drop of fossil fuel. See our Youtube Channel for videos.

The Seven is made almost entirely out of carbon fiber.  This is due to several reasons. 


On a weight to strength ratio, carbon beats glass fiber by a wide margin. This allows the Seven to weigh significantly less than a similar boat of the same size.


Also, since the total kilogram amount of carbon fiber needed, is less than what what can be expected in a glass fiber construction, we keep the total amount of material needed low.

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